Course Reflection: This course helped me to understand what the Liberal Studies major really is. The course also allowed me to be able to have coversations with friends and family about why I chose it and how I can use it. Most importantly, taking the course has allowed me to be proud of declaring the major. I am now proud of stating that I am an interdiciplinarian. This course was necessary for me because it really helped me determine that this major really was for me.

Course Description:  This course plays a huge role in mapping out your entire career as a Liberal Studies major. This course is very intense, but is useful in the long run because it trains you to have excellent work ethic that will help you succed in all of the other Liberal Study courses. After taking this course I have depper understanding of my purpose, my goals and my role as an interdisciplinary scholar.

Artifacts: Intellectual Autobiography, Plan of Study, Disciplinary Research, Intergrative Assignment