Reflection: In my 5 years at SF State I have taken part in many various organizations and extra curricular activities which has really helped me develop into a leader. I truly believe that in order to lead you have to learn how to follow first and throughout my time here I think I have been able to both very well. I know carry a perspective from both ends and I know how hard, yet important both roles are as well.

Description: This assignment reveals the opportunities I have taken to grow as a leader. Whether it be through an academic setting or community organization, each experience has taught me something new.

Alpha Phi Omega- In 2009 I joined a National Service Fraternity at San Francisco State. I have always wanted to be apart of a fraternity, but I knew I did not want to join just any brotherhood. I wanted to be apart of something that had a solid purpose and stood for more than just socials, parties and hazing. When I came across AphiO, they introduced me to a whole new outlook on fraternities because their number one mission was to provide service to their friends, families and communities. Our motto is, "Leadership, Friendship and Service." During my time with AphiO, I was appointed as the Pledge Class Finance Vice President, where I was in charge of organizing events to raise money to fund our pledge class sweaters and end of the year banquet. As challenging as it was, I was able to learn how to stay organized with cash handling. I had to utilize excel in order to take accurate account of money being received and spent. I also learned how to talk to business to make orders as well as booking venues for special events. Through AphiO, I have learned a whole new level of professionalism which I feel will help me in my future endeavors.

ASI- In 2010 I was appointed as the Associated Students, Inc. Ethnic Studies Representative. During my term with ASI, I was in charge of making sure the needs of the students from the College of Ethnic Studies were being heard and met. This experience really taught me to advocate for the student's voice and to really demand something when needed. I was able to organize an event called "Save Ethnic Studies Nationally"  where I invited speakers come in from Tucson, Arizona to come speak to our student body about the crisis going on Arizona in regards to education. Ultimately, students were able to support the students of the Tucson Unified School District and became more aware of policies attacking education in hopes that the same does not happen here.

PEP- In 2008 I was accepted as a teacher for Pin@y Educational Partnerships where I taught Filipina/o American history and identity to students of the San Francisco Unified School District. Teachers are leaders by default and I had learn to have a lot of patience when dealing with youth. Young adults always want to know if you really do care for them and if you don't they will definitely let you know in return. I have learned to build menaingful relationships with my students and take the time to get to know each individual's story and circumstance because it shows the students that they really matter. As a result, they end up excelling in your class, participating and transforming into a completely new person.

Honors and Awards- In 2010, I was awarded the Costco Scholarship for my leadership involvement on campus and in my community. As a low income student, I depended on work, loans and grants to help fund my education, but sometimes the costs became very overwhelming and I found it really hard to support myself financially. I took the risk of applying for the scholarship and was blessed to have it granted to me.

Director of Filgrad 2011- For my very last year, I wanted to make sure to go out with a bang, so I took up the role of Director the the Filipino Graduation at SF State. This role requires countless hours of meeting and planning. As Director it was my responsibility to oversee the multiple committees like Graphics, Speech and Entertainment, Fundraising, Aesthetics and Programs- all of which help make the celebration what it is. This year we have 70 participating graduates and it as extremely overwhelming to organize, but it has definitely taught me how to manage my stress and to multitask. Most importantly, it has taught me to work well with groups.